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Welcome to Rock Hill MicroGreens

Easy. Nutrition. Delivered.



Our MicroGreens don't require extra prep.
They are pre-cut and rinsed & gently dried.

We use clean, clear water and do not apply any
additional cleaning agent due to allergen concerns.

We suggest you use whatever method you currently
have in place for cleaning fresh salad.

They go from the growing tray to the rinse station,
then to their clear clam-shell box on the
same day that they are delivered.

MicroGreens should last 7-10 days in your refrigerator
(varies depending on conditions).


These baby plants are more nutrient-dense than their
fully grown vegetable and herb counterparts &
have very little impact on your daily calorie intake.

Combined with a healthy diet and lifestyle these
little super-foods deliver
a high impact to your overall digestive health.

Our MicroGreens are grown in their own tiny indoor forest
where they are safe from toxic pest control,
weeds or hungry animals.

This growing space is a smoke-free, pet-free environment.
Our seeds are organic, non-GMO and they are grown
in an organic soil blend.


We deliver to your home or office!

Our current delivery area is central to Rock Hill,
SC and expands throughout York County.

Contact us if you are outside of our delivery
zone and would like to have MicroGreens
delivery available in your area.

Are you a grocery retailer? We can deliver to your
store every week.
Contact us for more information
about Rock Hill MicroGreens.


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