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Rock Hill MicroGreens is a local, family owned & operated urban farm.

We use a variety of clean, organic growing methods to deliver the best micro-produce directly to our community in York County and the surrounding areas.

Our plants are grown indoors to eliminate the need for pesticides or herbicides.

We deliver MicroGreens directly to our customers.

We also sell MicroGreens to local grocers.

You can keep up with our progress on our
FaceBook page


We are not Certified Organic yet. The practices used to grow our MicroGreens include organic soil, indoor planting, zero pesticides, and zero herbicides.

Certifications will be added as they are acquired.


No plants are wasted.

The roots of our MicroGreen are saved to become compost. This compost is used in our outdoor garden.

Local farmers may
contact us to inquire about this leftover produce from our weekly harvest. Microgreens are a wonderful addition to the diet of chickens. They love it!

Unsold MicroGreens are provided to local charitable organizations at no cost.

When Microgreens grow into larger plants they are set aside and grown into adult plants for food or for seed.

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